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Attention Small Business Owners!

More often than not small business owners get denied when they apply for a business loan or business line of credit.  As a business owner, you need access to funds in the beginning stages of your venture.  

Banks simply will not give a small business a loan unless, they have been making a profit for 2 years or more.  To make it harder, the banks will want a Personal Guarantee from you.

If you do not have an amazing personal credit file you simply will be put in their denied credit files.  There is a systematic way you should go about building credit for your business.  Most small business owners do not know how to even start.

We can help you get started with your small business credit file and get you on the right track with obtaining lines of credit.

Gone are the days of being denied for business credit.  Alternative Lenders are saying yes all across America because they know your need for funds are real.

We say Yes a lot more than we say no.  If we do say no, we will go the extra step and help you get that “YES!”

Why give us your business?

JCH Financial Solutions is unlike the typical business lender.  We do not give you the hard sell playbook in order to get you into a loan you may not want, just to make a commission.  We take the time to listen to your needs and concerns and do our best to give you the information you desire.  JCH Financial Solutions has the “we are in this together” attitude.  That means, we want you to get the financial product you want or best fits your needs.  Yes, commissions are nice but, taking care of the clients concerns/needs is just a better way of doing business.

We have the financial products you need and the wisdom to help you get into a loan that will benefit you.  For some, a Merchant Cash Advance may be the answer and others may just need a Small Business Line of Credit. Both give you the capital needed but have very different repayment terms and qualification requirements.

We also offer Small Business Credit File Consultation, where we can help you either establish a new credit file for your business or help you improve your fundability.  There is a very specific way to start your Small Business Credit.  You need a certain number of trade lines before you can get the approval for retail credit.  As you may have guessed, you need a certain amount of retail credit before you can get a large sum loan with desirable terms.The Best part of this process is you DO NOT have to provide a personal guarantee to get business credit because the credit file is not set up with your social security number.  Instead your credit file is set up using your  EIN or Employer Identification Number that you obtained from the IRS.

Our Funding Process

Apply for Free

Apply for Free

Complete & Submit your Application

Review Application

Review Application

Underwriters will review your information and submit your offer

Get your Funds

Receive your Funds

Receive your Funds within 48 hours after you receive your Approval!

~ FAQ ~

Most frequently asked questions and answers

Typically an approval will take 2 to 48 hours.  In a lot of cases we get answers in the first 6 hours.

Short answer, No.  You tell us how much you need.

It’s easier to say what we don’t lend to:  Home based businesses, financial institutions, real estate and Non-Profits.

We require copies of the following: 3 months of bank statements, driver’s license, lease agreement, and a voided check from your business bank account.

We appreciate your interest in JCH Financial Solutions LLC. If you have any questions about our loan products, please give us a call.

We are here to help you succeed!

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